Phil Knight’s Relationship with the Oregon Ducks

The University of Oregon athletic teams’ success provides the university with an increase in its national brand recognition. Yet, in order to recruit top athletes to accomplish this success in such a short period of time, the U of O needed to establish the necessary atmosphere for athletes to thrive in. This is where Phil Knight, an Oregon alumnus and Nike’s co-founder and chairman, comes in to the picture.

Knight has donated more than $300 million to the university with the sole purpose of transforming the U of O’s athletic department into a powerhouse. But new stadiums, buildings and gear are just the tip of the iceberg to how beneficial this relationship truly is.

This relationship allows the University of Oregon to build a positive image and gain national recognition for both its athletic department and its academics. Dena Potter, from the Associated Press, says that the ‘Flutie Effect’ is the term for when a schools’ athletic teams are successful in high-profile sporting events it leads to an increase in applications.

The U of O’s prominent athletic standings gain the interest of perspective students, fans and donors when they make it to championships or playoff games. Knight’s commitment to Oregon athletics provides a way to promote the university to interested students because he provides the means to achieve the status of a national, power brand. If the university receives an increase in applications it means an increase in qualified applicants, which can lead to a boost in the school’s academic performance. This would allow the university to grow its image as a premier educator.

Knight provides the U of O with the financial means to build a strong, athletic program, but his reach doesn’t stop there. He grants the university the chance to become an academic and athletic powerhouse. The truth is that Phil Knight and the U of O are leading the way for the future of college athletics, where corporations sponsor university teams to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

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The NBA Gets Creative with It’s 2012 “BIG: Color” Commercial

What seems like nonchalant dribbling in the beginning, leads to a chorus of the iconic Christmas song ‘Carol of Bells’ in the NBA’s newest advertisement for its Christmas day uniforms. It features Dwight Howard, Camelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Joe Johnson and Dwyane Wade using their primary instrument, the basketball, to create a rhythm that captures the audience’s attention in order to showcase its new uniforms.

Ad Age reminds its readers that this advertising format is all too familiar. Previous advertisers, such as Nike’s “Freestyle” Commercial and Volkswagen’s “The Bark Side” Commercial, have used this simple, yet creative video composition to catch the viewer’s attention.

The fact that consumers are bombarded on a daily basis with an abundance of commercials means that advertisers have to become even more creative to capture their audience’s attention. There is a push to produce commercials that promote the company’s products in a way that sets it apart from the rest.

Advertisers are using this entertaining, musical rendition to escape the traditional commercial format. It provides the viewer with a lasting impression and creates something worth sharing and talking about. This commercial format gets its point across while avoiding the use of the exhausted, conventional dialogue that consumers are all too familiar with.

Not only is it a new way for advertisers to capture its audience’s attention, it also creates content that promotes a positive impression on the company’s target audience. By shifting the focus from the conventional product promotion to an entertaining format, it takes away the negative associations that viewers can have with commercials and encourages them to pay attention.

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The University of Oregon promotes its duck community to flock together online

The University of Oregon is known for its awe-inspiring, committed fans. Many of these fans flock to the Internet with a thirst to show their love for the ducks and to interact with fellow fans. The University of Oregon understands the importance of leading this online fan community to its official sites in order to increase its online presence.

The webpage is the perfect place for Oregon fans to receive the latest news. It provides them with articles and videos that feature their favorite duck athletes. This grants Oregon fans the chance to get to know the duck athletes on a more personal level by hearing the athlete’s opinions on certain topics and reading about the athlete’s success on and off the field. At the end of every post, the site provides fans with a comment section so they share their input with other duck fans. The webpage also provides fans with social media links so they can share the articles with their friends in order to increase its viewership.

The University of Oregon’s media team also created a social media hub this year in order to keep up with the increase of the fan’s online presence and to capitalize on this growing social media frenzy. The site is featured on the webpage and provides fans with a link to every official Oregon social media account. This helps Oregon fans receive direct from the source information about their favorite duck athletic team.

The social media hub promotes fans to become part of its online community. These social media sites are a great way for the University of Oregon to generate a two-way dialogue with its fans. It allows Oregon to create content that focuses on fan interaction and promotes its online community.

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Target re-defines commercial airtime and content

In this digital era, viewers can watch their favorite television shows without having to sit through the dreaded commercials. The Internet provides viewers with a plethora of ways to watch a show. Many of these online forums allow viewers to adapt to the norm of fast-forwarding through commercials, which means wasted advertisement money. This has caused a push for advertisers to find a new way of captivating its target audience in order to gain their attention and interest in its commercials.

Target may have found a way around the fast-forward button by re-configuring how they create commercials. To promote its newest holiday collection by Nieman Marcus, the company bought out airtime for the newest Revenge episode. It then teamed up with the Revenge cast in order to create narrative commercials that fit into the theme of the show.

What is so revolutionizing about this process is the fact that the commercials were created with the viewer in mind. It was done for the sole purpose of creating content that promoted commercial viewership. Target understood it should create content based on the same theme of the show in order to capture the viewer’s attention, gain their interest and intrigue them to stay tuned during the next commercial break.

This could be ground breaking in the realm of advertising.

Jacey Gulden discusses how this could change the advertiser’s strategy saying, “A campaign that integrates television advertising, branded content, and online marketing certainly could reflect the future of digital advertising.”

Target may have created a new wave of advertisement by teaming up with the show to create something the viewer would actually want to watch. It wouldn’t be surprising if more companies choose to follow in Target’s lead.

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PR: The airline industry’s key to survival during Hurricane Sandy

Creating positive buzz for your organization is an incredibly hard thing to do during a natural disaster. Yet, the airline industry did just that by communicating with its customers in a timely manner about changes to its flight services.

When a natural disaster strikes, it brings with it a wave of fear and hardship that causes an unavoidable disturbance in our every day lives. This year, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the northeast coast leaving a path of destruction in its wake. This meant that airlines had no other choice but to cancel flights coming in and out of the area.

Nothing is worse than showing up to the airport to find out that your flight has been cancelled, but airlines utilized the web to decrease their chance of customer dissatisfaction. The Chicago Tribunes travel reporter Josh Noel said, “Hurricane Sandy turned out to be one of the most disruptive forces on air travel in recent memory” and attributes the airline’s public relations team for helping them avoid negative reactions.

The airline’s pr team provided its customers with regular updates and information on refunds on their company website and social media platforms.  Transparency and communication are key to keeping customers happy, especially when something keeps the company from going about business as usual.

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Puddles Makes a Splash

It’s the year of the duck in college sports. The University of Oregon is an athletic powerhouse and its mascot, Puddles the duck, leads his flock to victory.

The role of the mascot has always been to enhance school spirit, but Puddles is known to take it two steps further. He isn’t just another mascot on the sidelines. He pumps up the crowd during games contributing to Autzen stadium’s signature loud atmosphere. He also supports and enhances the University of Oregon’s spirited culture. If there is an event going on in Eugene, Puddles will be there providing entertainment and reminding fans the reason why they love their ducks.

Puddles is the face of the University of Oregon so it is important for the university to promote interaction between its fans and mascot. U of O has done this by creating a Facebook page for Puddles. It increases the U of O’s brand awareness and boosts an online community that creates an inner circle for fans to connect, interact, view photos and videos, post comments and share these posts with their friends. By creating content about Puddles, it promotes the spread of the duck community’s spirit on the web.

Oregon’s media team found new creative ways to get its fans pumped up for the upcoming games by using Puddles in its promotional videos. The most recent video, “Oregon Football- Storm LA 2012,” featured Puddles cleaning the football team’s laundry before the Oregon-USC game. It increased the excitement for the up-coming game and promoted Oregon’s free t-shirt give-away at its tailgate before the game. It received 75,000+ views on YouTube, and Puddle’s shared it on his Facebook page, which received 200+ likes.

Puddles showcases the University of Oregon’s personality and provides a connection between the U of O and its community.  From the littlest duckling to seasoned alumni, no one can help but smile when Puddles is in the room. He is a fun-loving mascot that always surprises Oregon fans with his unique and hilarious actions. He helps the University of Oregon create an experience that gives an ever-lasting impression on duck fans.

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Ducks flock to YouTube


No one can give a true account of what its like to be a duck, except for the University of Oregon community. Social media has been a game changer for universities, but the University of Oregon is using YouTube as a public forum where the duck community can display their school spirit. This allows people across the nation to get a glimpse into the school that is making everyone’s heads turn.

YouTube is a great social strategy for the University of Oregon. It has allowed the U of O to create an image for itself and build its brand online. It shows a plethora of various perspectives about what it means to be a duck.

The University of Oregon has its own YouTube channelthat it posts videos about anything concerning the U of O. It allows the school to effectively disseminate information to its public by featuring different videos on the students, faculty members, facilities, new developments, campus tours, lectures, and more. These videos contribute to the universities image by creating a viral representation of the community at the UO.

Not only can the university post videos for the nation to see, but the U of O community also has a chance to post their own view of being a duck on YouTube. It gives outsiders a complete view of the U of O by allowing Duck fans to self-produce promotional videos from their standpoint. Videos ranging from music videos to campus events provide a student’s portrayal of being a duck that confirms the universities spirited atmosphere.

By using YouTube, it has positioned Oregon not only as an elite school but also one that is extremely spirited and community centered. It grants anyone a view what is at the heart of this university.

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