The NFL Goes Pink

It’s October and everyone is starting to see pink, even in the least expected places. The National Football League is showing it’s softer side by partnering up with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness for breast cancer, calling the program “A Crucial Catch.” Players, referees, coaches, equipment and mascots have all been decked out in the color pink to remind its loyal and passionate viewers that it’s that time of the year to show support for a good cause.

Recently, the NFL has received some negative feedback about how much of the proceeds from its pinkNFL line they donate. Even though only a small amount of the pinkNFL merchandise proceeds are donated, this only accounts for a small fraction of money that is raised by this program. By focusing on this small aspect, it detracts from what this program is trying to accomplish.

Any organization that takes part in corporate social responsibility aims to show the public it cares. The goal for this program is not about profit, its intent is to raise awareness about cancer and inspire people to take action by donating to the cause.

The NFL has a huge fan base that reaches across several different demographics around the United States. This allows the American Cancer Society to spread awareness to a wide range of people by simply painting the game pink.

About skanthack

University of Oregon student, majoring in psychology and public relations.
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