Ducks Increase Their Community Outreach

The Oregon Ducks athletes understand what it takes to make an even greater impact on the Eugene community.  This summer, O Heroes partnered up with Snoball and Malka Diamonds and Jewelry to raise proceeds for its O Heroes program.

The O Heroes program is dedicated to building relationships with their community by supporting those in need and giving back to the same people who support them. Athletes go out in their community and get to know their fans by taking part in various projects.

In order to reach the desired impact they must find a way to support it financially. This partnership gives them that chance to increase their funds and in turn increase their impact. It shows that they are committed to their program by finding ways to raise funds so they can reach out and touch the hearts of more fans.

The Snoball social media platform gives the community and duck lovers the chance to promote their ducks and community at the same time. Anyone can join this fundraiser by committing to a specific dollar amount based on a certain team’s performance, such as a touchdown, goal, dunk, or homerun.

The Malka Diamonds and Jewelry has shown is support to the program by donating a percentage of their proceeds from the merchandise they sell during home games.

It’s the donations through these organizations that will help the O Heroes continue on their path of community service. It will allow the student-athletes to make an impact in the community that shows them much love.

About skanthack

University of Oregon student, majoring in psychology and public relations.
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