Oregon Football: Known for its Ambition

The Oregon football team is sitting pretty this week and I’m not just referring to their uniforms. They currently hold the number four spot in the BCS standings and number one in the Pac-12. Oregon has proved that they deserve a higher rank in the BCS, but the Ducks are persistent to increase their standing and their status in college football.

Oregon has not always been a BCS National Championship contender. It has taken years to build the team we all enjoy watching today. They have the speed, determination and heart to take them to the next level.

Although Oregon definitely has its stand out players, the team as a whole is what makes them pack a powerful punch and a definite National Championship contender. The team plays with such fluidity that makes it seem that their games are mere practices. Each player on the team knows his role and has the necessary drive to execute even the seemingly impossible plays that make history and make it known that this team has the capabilities to take them all the way.

A lot of college teams are known for having a strong offensive or defense, but Oregon has created a team that is known for its ubiquitous team. This year, they have a defense that doesn’t allow an opponent near their end zone and an offense that takes over their opposing defense. The team has all the right components to make a stand and show that we are serious about making it to and taking the BCS Championship this year.

Oregon football players have shown they have the talent, but it’s their heart and determination that makes this team something to pay attention to and take seriously.

About skanthack

University of Oregon student, majoring in psychology and public relations.
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