Ducks flock to YouTube


No one can give a true account of what its like to be a duck, except for the University of Oregon community. Social media has been a game changer for universities, but the University of Oregon is using YouTube as a public forum where the duck community can display their school spirit. This allows people across the nation to get a glimpse into the school that is making everyone’s heads turn.

YouTube is a great social strategy for the University of Oregon. It has allowed the U of O to create an image for itself and build its brand online. It shows a plethora of various perspectives about what it means to be a duck.

The University of Oregon has its own YouTube channelthat it posts videos about anything concerning the U of O. It allows the school to effectively disseminate information to its public by featuring different videos on the students, faculty members, facilities, new developments, campus tours, lectures, and more. These videos contribute to the universities image by creating a viral representation of the community at the UO.

Not only can the university post videos for the nation to see, but the U of O community also has a chance to post their own view of being a duck on YouTube. It gives outsiders a complete view of the U of O by allowing Duck fans to self-produce promotional videos from their standpoint. Videos ranging from music videos to campus events provide a student’s portrayal of being a duck that confirms the universities spirited atmosphere.

By using YouTube, it has positioned Oregon not only as an elite school but also one that is extremely spirited and community centered. It grants anyone a view what is at the heart of this university.

About skanthack

University of Oregon student, majoring in psychology and public relations.
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