PR: The airline industry’s key to survival during Hurricane Sandy

Creating positive buzz for your organization is an incredibly hard thing to do during a natural disaster. Yet, the airline industry did just that by communicating with its customers in a timely manner about changes to its flight services.

When a natural disaster strikes, it brings with it a wave of fear and hardship that causes an unavoidable disturbance in our every day lives. This year, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the northeast coast leaving a path of destruction in its wake. This meant that airlines had no other choice but to cancel flights coming in and out of the area.

Nothing is worse than showing up to the airport to find out that your flight has been cancelled, but airlines utilized the web to decrease their chance of customer dissatisfaction. The Chicago Tribunes travel reporter Josh Noel said, “Hurricane Sandy turned out to be one of the most disruptive forces on air travel in recent memory” and attributes the airline’s public relations team for helping them avoid negative reactions.

The airline’s pr team provided its customers with regular updates and information on refunds on their company website and social media platforms.  Transparency and communication are key to keeping customers happy, especially when something keeps the company from going about business as usual.

About skanthack

University of Oregon student, majoring in psychology and public relations.
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