Puddles Makes a Splash

It’s the year of the duck in college sports. The University of Oregon is an athletic powerhouse and its mascot, Puddles the duck, leads his flock to victory.

The role of the mascot has always been to enhance school spirit, but Puddles is known to take it two steps further. He isn’t just another mascot on the sidelines. He pumps up the crowd during games contributing to Autzen stadium’s signature loud atmosphere. He also supports and enhances the University of Oregon’s spirited culture. If there is an event going on in Eugene, Puddles will be there providing entertainment and reminding fans the reason why they love their ducks.

Puddles is the face of the University of Oregon so it is important for the university to promote interaction between its fans and mascot. U of O has done this by creating a Facebook page for Puddles. It increases the U of O’s brand awareness and boosts an online community that creates an inner circle for fans to connect, interact, view photos and videos, post comments and share these posts with their friends. By creating content about Puddles, it promotes the spread of the duck community’s spirit on the web.

Oregon’s media team found new creative ways to get its fans pumped up for the upcoming games by using Puddles in its promotional videos. The most recent video, “Oregon Football- Storm LA 2012,” featured Puddles cleaning the football team’s laundry before the Oregon-USC game. It increased the excitement for the up-coming game and promoted Oregon’s free t-shirt give-away at its tailgate before the game. It received 75,000+ views on YouTube, and Puddle’s shared it on his Facebook page, which received 200+ likes.

Puddles showcases the University of Oregon’s personality and provides a connection between the U of O and its community.  From the littlest duckling to seasoned alumni, no one can help but smile when Puddles is in the room. He is a fun-loving mascot that always surprises Oregon fans with his unique and hilarious actions. He helps the University of Oregon create an experience that gives an ever-lasting impression on duck fans.

About skanthack

University of Oregon student, majoring in psychology and public relations.
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