Target re-defines commercial airtime and content

In this digital era, viewers can watch their favorite television shows without having to sit through the dreaded commercials. The Internet provides viewers with a plethora of ways to watch a show. Many of these online forums allow viewers to adapt to the norm of fast-forwarding through commercials, which means wasted advertisement money. This has caused a push for advertisers to find a new way of captivating its target audience in order to gain their attention and interest in its commercials.

Target may have found a way around the fast-forward button by re-configuring how they create commercials. To promote its newest holiday collection by Nieman Marcus, the company bought out airtime for the newest Revenge episode. It then teamed up with the Revenge cast in order to create narrative commercials that fit into the theme of the show.

What is so revolutionizing about this process is the fact that the commercials were created with the viewer in mind. It was done for the sole purpose of creating content that promoted commercial viewership. Target understood it should create content based on the same theme of the show in order to capture the viewer’s attention, gain their interest and intrigue them to stay tuned during the next commercial break.

This could be ground breaking in the realm of advertising.

Jacey Gulden discusses how this could change the advertiser’s strategy saying, “A campaign that integrates television advertising, branded content, and online marketing certainly could reflect the future of digital advertising.”

Target may have created a new wave of advertisement by teaming up with the show to create something the viewer would actually want to watch. It wouldn’t be surprising if more companies choose to follow in Target’s lead.

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