The University of Oregon promotes its duck community to flock together online

The University of Oregon is known for its awe-inspiring, committed fans. Many of these fans flock to the Internet with a thirst to show their love for the ducks and to interact with fellow fans. The University of Oregon understands the importance of leading this online fan community to its official sites in order to increase its online presence.

The webpage is the perfect place for Oregon fans to receive the latest news. It provides them with articles and videos that feature their favorite duck athletes. This grants Oregon fans the chance to get to know the duck athletes on a more personal level by hearing the athlete’s opinions on certain topics and reading about the athlete’s success on and off the field. At the end of every post, the site provides fans with a comment section so they share their input with other duck fans. The webpage also provides fans with social media links so they can share the articles with their friends in order to increase its viewership.

The University of Oregon’s media team also created a social media hub this year in order to keep up with the increase of the fan’s online presence and to capitalize on this growing social media frenzy. The site is featured on the webpage and provides fans with a link to every official Oregon social media account. This helps Oregon fans receive direct from the source information about their favorite duck athletic team.

The social media hub promotes fans to become part of its online community. These social media sites are a great way for the University of Oregon to generate a two-way dialogue with its fans. It allows Oregon to create content that focuses on fan interaction and promotes its online community.

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University of Oregon student, majoring in psychology and public relations.
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