In order to build a successful team, it takes dedication and hard work. This is an element that all athletes have in common. The thing that makes the University of Oregon athletes stand apart from the rest is not only do they show dedication, hard work and hustle; they understand what it takes to bring it to the next level.

The University of Oregon and Eugene community share a mutual love. They love their Ducks. It’s this love that creates the champions we see on the field. Duck athletes understand the importance of their community’s support and are dedicated to giving back.

There is no doubt that a student-athlete at any school has a hectic schedule. Even though U of O athletes have a lot expected of them, they have no problem with going above and beyond to make it known that they love their Duck supporters. They volunteer in the community on a regular basis through their student-athlete “O” Heroes program. This is a program that is run by student-athletes that allows them to establish relationships with their community by participating in youth services, community development, underprivileged groups and hospital visits. This creates a drive that gives U of O athletes the heart required to become champions.

The bottom line is that they are raising the bar for what it means to be a college athlete. The real question is: who are these incredible individuals that continue to give the Oregon Ducks’ community an experience of a lifetime?

For more information about “O” Heroes, visit their homepage:

GoDucks.com “O” Heroes


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