Build a Stronger Brand by Focusing on Communication

To compete in today’s market, it is important for a company to build a relationship with its consumers to set itself apart from competition. Consumers want to know they are investing in a company they can trust. In order for the company to build a relationship and create trust with a consumer, it must become transparent and communicate with its public.

This communication must be maintained by communicating with its public about both the positive and negative changes going on in the company. The crucial component is communicating in real-time, when these changes are happening, so the consumer hears it from the organization. No person in a relationship wants to be blind-sided, especially a companies most reliable investors.

Communication is the key to getting any type of relationship through tough times. The best way to diffuse a blow out is by playing offense not defense. When something has happened, the best step a company can take is to notify its public. Owning up to the problem in the beginning can help resolve the issue in a calm manner and benefit all parties involved.

Yet external communication is not the only place where businesses can go wrong. A business exists because of the people behind the scenes. It can lead to bumpy roads when a company fails to promote fluid communication throughout operations. It should strive to build an internal relationship throughout the organization to promote communication and drive success.

Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind give advice on how to effectively promote communication in an organization, stating that companies should promote dialogue and engage employees to ensure the company is pursuing an agenda that aligns its communication strategy with its organizational strategy.

In order for a company to succeed, it is important to promote communication with its key public and employees to build a relationship that is worth the consumer and employees’ time and investment.

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Oregon Football: Known for its Ambition

The Oregon football team is sitting pretty this week and I’m not just referring to their uniforms. They currently hold the number four spot in the BCS standings and number one in the Pac-12. Oregon has proved that they deserve a higher rank in the BCS, but the Ducks are persistent to increase their standing and their status in college football.

Oregon has not always been a BCS National Championship contender. It has taken years to build the team we all enjoy watching today. They have the speed, determination and heart to take them to the next level.

Although Oregon definitely has its stand out players, the team as a whole is what makes them pack a powerful punch and a definite National Championship contender. The team plays with such fluidity that makes it seem that their games are mere practices. Each player on the team knows his role and has the necessary drive to execute even the seemingly impossible plays that make history and make it known that this team has the capabilities to take them all the way.

A lot of college teams are known for having a strong offensive or defense, but Oregon has created a team that is known for its ubiquitous team. This year, they have a defense that doesn’t allow an opponent near their end zone and an offense that takes over their opposing defense. The team has all the right components to make a stand and show that we are serious about making it to and taking the BCS Championship this year.

Oregon football players have shown they have the talent, but it’s their heart and determination that makes this team something to pay attention to and take seriously.

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Creating the Right Type of Content on Social Media Web Sites

Social media is a new form of communication for the new millennium. It allows its users to post pictures and videos, chat with friends, create personal messages, and in general share their individual ideas, information and other content with a wide audience. It the most efficient way to keep people up-to-date with what is going on in their family and friends lives. Even though there are privacy settings that one can activate to hide their profiles from unwanted viewers, the bottom line is that this information is now public and there is no privacy when it comes to the web. 

One key audience that must use caution when deciding to use social media is college students that are entering the job force. Social media has provided employers with a platform for researching their future candidates that gives them insight to what the person is all about.

This is where the danger lies with creating posts, particularly ones about a person’s social life or views on certain topics. These posts may seem harmless, but they create a profile on the individual that can deter future employers from thinking twice about hiring them. 

Brian Solis discusses how social media has caused society to take a giant leap from privacy to publicness and the repercussions of taking part in this new social trend.

There can be benefits from social media when looking for a job by being aware of what an individual’s profile says about them. Choosing to provide content that truly reflects their interests and being cognoscente of the fact that their follows or friends are not the only ones looking at their profiles.

Yes, we want to share our experiences and thoughts with our friends, but if it isn’t something we would want our future employer to look at, it probably isn’t something that should be posted on the web. 

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Ducks Increase Their Community Outreach

The Oregon Ducks athletes understand what it takes to make an even greater impact on the Eugene community.  This summer, O Heroes partnered up with Snoball and Malka Diamonds and Jewelry to raise proceeds for its O Heroes program.

The O Heroes program is dedicated to building relationships with their community by supporting those in need and giving back to the same people who support them. Athletes go out in their community and get to know their fans by taking part in various projects.

In order to reach the desired impact they must find a way to support it financially. This partnership gives them that chance to increase their funds and in turn increase their impact. It shows that they are committed to their program by finding ways to raise funds so they can reach out and touch the hearts of more fans.

The Snoball social media platform gives the community and duck lovers the chance to promote their ducks and community at the same time. Anyone can join this fundraiser by committing to a specific dollar amount based on a certain team’s performance, such as a touchdown, goal, dunk, or homerun.

The Malka Diamonds and Jewelry has shown is support to the program by donating a percentage of their proceeds from the merchandise they sell during home games.

It’s the donations through these organizations that will help the O Heroes continue on their path of community service. It will allow the student-athletes to make an impact in the community that shows them much love.

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Another Lesson Learned for an Oregon Duck

Oh the dreaded bye week, when football fans are unable to watch their favorite team play.  But for the players, it’s a week that gives them a chance to recuperate, relax and have fun. For one Oregon Ducks Football player, Isaac Remington, a night of fun turned into a major headache when he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving on Friday.

It’s no secret that our Oregon Ducks have had a couple run-ins with the law. Their title is student-athlete for a reason; they are part of a college society and are prone to mistakes just like everyone else. Countless of college students have been in similar positions, but the difference is that student-athletes are in the public’s watchful eye. But when a football player is taken off their pedestal, we realize that they are people too and it’s human to make mistakes.

However, in this type of situation the individual is not the only one affected the whole team is. Kenyon Barner’s response to the situation hit the nail on the head when he called the team a family; and when it comes to family, there is no other choice but to support them in their time of need.

This is what sets the Oregon Ducks apart from the rest. They understand the significance of not just being part of the team, but part of a family. They have each other’s backs on and off the field.

We all need to take a step back and remember that in any given situation, it’s not the incident that defines the person, it’s how they recover from it that shows their true character. This duck will find his way out because he has the support of his family to help him through it.

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The NFL Goes Pink

It’s October and everyone is starting to see pink, even in the least expected places. The National Football League is showing it’s softer side by partnering up with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness for breast cancer, calling the program “A Crucial Catch.” Players, referees, coaches, equipment and mascots have all been decked out in the color pink to remind its loyal and passionate viewers that it’s that time of the year to show support for a good cause.

Recently, the NFL has received some negative feedback about how much of the proceeds from its pinkNFL line they donate. Even though only a small amount of the pinkNFL merchandise proceeds are donated, this only accounts for a small fraction of money that is raised by this program. By focusing on this small aspect, it detracts from what this program is trying to accomplish.

Any organization that takes part in corporate social responsibility aims to show the public it cares. The goal for this program is not about profit, its intent is to raise awareness about cancer and inspire people to take action by donating to the cause.

The NFL has a huge fan base that reaches across several different demographics around the United States. This allows the American Cancer Society to spread awareness to a wide range of people by simply painting the game pink.

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It’s All About the Love

In order to build a successful team, it takes dedication and hard work. This is an element that all athletes have in common. The thing that makes the University of Oregon athletes stand apart from the rest is not only do they show dedication, hard work and hustle; they understand what it takes to bring it to the next level.

The University of Oregon and Eugene community share a mutual love. They love their Ducks. It’s this love that creates the champions we see on the field. Duck athletes understand the importance of their community’s support and are dedicated to giving back.

There is no doubt that a student-athlete at any school has a hectic schedule. Even though U of O athletes have a lot expected of them, they have no problem with going above and beyond to make it known that they love their Duck supporters. They volunteer in the community on a regular basis through their student-athlete “O” Heroes program. This is a program that is run by student-athletes that allows them to establish relationships with their community by participating in youth services, community development, underprivileged groups and hospital visits. This creates a drive that gives U of O athletes the heart required to become champions.

The bottom line is that they are raising the bar for what it means to be a college athlete. The real question is: who are these incredible individuals that continue to give the Oregon Ducks’ community an experience of a lifetime?

For more information about “O” Heroes, visit their homepage: “O” Heroes

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