PR News

Bieber believers were disappointed this week when a chance to finally see their favorite pop star’s junk turned into a possible self-promoted PR stunt.

Whether it is a PR stunt or not, it successfully created the amount of buzz that every artist wants when they release a new music video. This supposed scandal intrigued both fans and non-fans and made people want to search the video out the next day. Little did they know it wouldn’t be the video they had anticipated.

Bieber, like every celebrity, is prone to scandals breaking out in the press and nothing get’s people more hyped than a celebrity sex tape. If Bieber is the culprit behind it, I would say it’s pretty ingenious.

The music video that was released instead of the sex tape is written, directed and filmed by Bieber himself. The music video itself was a quite creative so why not have a creative way to promote it? It also showed that he has a sense of humor, by playing a prank on the public and successfully promoted his new music video.


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