The Person Behind the Blog

Oh, hello there! My name is Sarah Kanthack and I am currently a public relations and psychology student at the University of Oregon. The main things that motivate me are my desire to break into the field of sports public relations, my ambition to not give up and the fact that I understand I still have so much to learn.

Since I was young enough to understand what sports were about, I have been captivated by the game of football. Growing up as the only girl in a house full of boys meant that my love of football was already established before I had even realized it happened. I was raised to love the game, and it is this love that made me realize that football was the career field I wanted to be a part of.

Other than being a student and a working girl, I am currently working on a few projects. I am the creative director and project manager for the city of Eugene’s 150th Anniversary video. This project has been nothing but a positive experience for me as an individual and professional. I have had the chance to work with key individuals in both the University of Oregon and Eugene communities, such as: Vin Lanana, the University of Oregon’s associate athletic director and former head coach of track and field; Mark Frohnmayer, the president of Arcimoto; David Hauser, the president of Eugene’s Chamber of Commerce; and Nikos Ridge, the co-founder of Ninkasi.

I am also a reporter on a media team for the University of Oregon’s student run community service program “O” Heroes. This position allows me to get to know the athletes and receive an inside view of their hard work off the field during their various community service activities.

The truth is that no one can tell what the future holds. For me, I hope to make my dream of working as a public relations coordinator for the National Football League or a college football program a reality.


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